About Us

At Planet Communications we:

……………· Simplify complexity

…………………….· Build communications strategies that circle the globe

……………………………..· Execute them nimbly

What We Do

Planet Communications is a New York City corporate communications and public relations firm focused on creating maximum impact for companies in biotechnology, life sciences, engineering and defense industries. Working closely with Management and the investor relations team, Planet provides strategic communications counsel and public relations to companies wishing to raise their profile through the media.

Planet Communications also works on behalf of Initiate PR (www.initiatepr.com).

What Makes Us Different?

Simplifying Complexity: We have a well-tested ability to grasp complex technical or scientific concepts, and make them interesting to a lay person. Delving into and absorbing a company story, we develop inventive and intelligent ways of telling it that both build respect in the media and result in positive media coverage. And we nurture the kind of long-term relationships with clients that allow us to continue to get their story out as it changes and matures.

Well-Conceived Strategies: We do nothing without a plan, each piece of which furthers corporate goals and messages. We work with Management to decide together what those messages should be to achieve the most efficacious communications return for the company, and then knock them off, one-by-one.

Senior-Level Consultation: With Planet, your account gets seasoned professional experience only—no junior staff to waste your time or make you explain something twice—and dedicated personal attention. We believe that a properly conceived program can achieve its ends through a  small, focused team partnering directly with senior Management.

Our Services

Deanne Eagle

Founder/Executive Director

Deanne brings twenty years’ experience in financial PR and corporate communications to bear on the media and messaging strategies she develops for her clients. Deanne is known as one of the best in the business in generating top-tier media placements, from CNN to The Wall Street Journal. No media program is effective without an overarching strategy. Accordingly, Deanne has honed the twin arts of extracting and refining the message, while building the skills to connect with key voices in the media at a variety of public and investor relations agencies in New York. For legendary financier, Louis Kelso, creator of the ESOP LBO, Deanne worked with top economics and business reporters to promulgate Kelso’s vision of broadened capital ownership. From there, she went to the Financial Relations Board, the premier investor relations firm of the nineties, where she developed and executed media programs for public companies in biotech, life sciences and technology. Deanne was also Vice President for Media Relations at investor relations firm, Breakstone&Ruth, before founding Planet Communications in 2004, and consults for investor relations agency, Cameron Associates.

A fiction writer as well, Deanne has an unerring ability to “find the story” in a company, simplify complex science or technology, and turn them into a narrative that is both attractive to the media and communicates Management and investor messages.

Deanne received a B.A. from Whitman College and a M.A. from The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC.

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